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This update comes to you from the other side of the ocean; well at least the other side for us. We are now almost two weeks into our new lives in Cambodia. The time has gone by very quick and so much has already been done yet it seems like so much needs still needs to be done as we continue to make Cambodia our new home. Our children started school at Hope International School this past Wednesday and we start our Khmer kick start course on Monday. The apartment is slowly getting set up and we thank God that the heat and rain has not been that bad.
We had a team potluck last Friday and got a chance to know our Phnom Penh team better. 

Our kids have been troopers through the last week as they watched us set up the apartment. They have adjusted to the jetlag for the most part but are still a bit tired and cranky in the afternoons. 

We are still working on establishing a new rhythm/routine and slowly getting to know our neighbours.  We are very thankful that our building caretakers have been very gracious as we don’t speak Khmer and have had to communicate through hand gestures and Google translate. We have been amazed at the kindness and hospitality of the Cambodian people that we have met as we ran our various errands. We are also super thankful for our team leaders, Bill and Ilana, who have chauffeured us around all week long and helped us set up our home. 
Please continue to pray for us in the coming weeks:

  • Praise God with us that the transition here has been smooth so far and that we have found a few restaurants where Jadon can safely eat, despite his peanut allergies. 
  • Pray for our children as they continue to transition to the new culture, food and their new school.
  • Pray for us as we begin to learn the Khmer language next week.
  • Pray for everyone’s overall health. Everyone has had slightly unsettled stomachs at some point.

Thank you for journeying with us!